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Bill Gates - The Next Outbreak Were Not Ready - Essay Example

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This paper "Bill Gates - The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready" focuses on the fact that Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world after making a fortune out of his company Microsoft. He has a soft spot for creativity and innovations and is known to support and mentor many young innovators. …
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Bill Gates - The Next Outbreak Were Not Ready
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Download file to see previous pages Being a technology genius, it is obvious that Bill Gates would incorporate technology into his proposed solutions. In fact, a large part of this talk revolves around the potential that technology has in responding to such outbreaks. Although Bill Gates uses all the rhetorical strategies of pathos, logos, and ethos, his strength stands out in using the strategy of logos.
With all the experience that he has at the top level management, it should surprise no one that Bill Gates possesses such incredibly perfect oral skills. In particular, he articulates his speech in a way that influences the audience’s perception of him. The strategy of ethos is evidently common in his talk. To begin with, he has a very good past record in philanthropy and especially in the field of healthcare. Someone can literally see that the audience agrees with his points because they trust that he knows better. In addition, the audience is eager to hear from him and erupt in an uproar once he appears. This behaviour says a lot about Bill Gates credentials among the average citizens.
On the other hand, his extrinsic ethos is not too strong at the initial stage because many people know that he has never practised in the health care sector. For example, Bill Gates knows very little about the plight of medical practitioners that are faced with the task of combating Ebola. The audience, perhaps thinks that he cannot speak about the issues of Ebola and that his involvement is only limited to the donations that he makes. However, as he starts to speak, his extrinsic grows from level to level owing to his knowledge on issues to do with health care. The audience gains trust and confidence in the speaker and shifts their sitting patterns to become more attentive (Haaften, pp. 67).
Every speaker is fully aware of the importance of using pathos strategy in appealing to the audience’s sense of identity and emotions (Gibson, pp. 72). Bill Gates is aware of this fact.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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