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CIS 375 Week 7 3: Usability Evaluation - Assignment Example

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The first step entails review of the basic objectives that are required in conducting a study. The move often helps to double check the validity of the mechanism utilized in data collections…
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CIS 375 Week 7 Assignment 3: Usability Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The research should be able to visualize all the information that will be present in the study. The most relevant topics should be listed first with the researcher ranking each of the items in various categories depending on the value of the topics that has been raised. The items presented have to be revisited with an intention of making sure that the objectives, information and topics needed are appropriate. The research should be in a position to ask the relevant questions. Online questionnaires have to be precise, concise and clear. The researcher will register a high dropout rate in cases where the questions are too complicated and difficult to understand (Van and Jankowski, 2009).
The online questionnaire should be made in such a way that it is easier to be understood. Additionally, the researcher should be able to create a series of topics that are not unbiased. Ensure that the information provided by the question is not enough to cause bias. Sometimes disclosing the purpose of the research as well as providing too much information can result to bias. The researcher should be able to utilize open ended questions, rank order, multiple choices, and dichotomous, scaled and constant sum questions. The survey can also be split into multiple sections with the length of the survey timed (Conducting Online Surveys, 2008). The online survey can be pretested with twenty or more people and then revised before being sent out to the entire respondent. There are various things that should be considered when conducting online surveys. Various issues of concern in preparation of an online questionnaire includes the order, the format, question wording, data collection methods, accuracy of the elicited information, visual layout behaviors that is to be measured among others (Van and Jankowski, 2009).
Even though all such issues are significant, at the end, the concern of the researcher is to ensure that the online questionnaire created is able to give rise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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