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The service shall be implemented with security protocols both from the vendor and SNPO-MC.
The cloud vendor shall provide servers to host the companies website,…
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Cloud Computing Security Policy
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Download file to see previous pages The private network shall be hosted off the premises of SNPO-MC but will be managed by both the cloud vendor and IT staff from SNPO-MC. The shall effect cloud bursting between the public and private cloud.
Cloud computing services comprise of an infrastructure, resources and applications that SNPO-MC can access over the Internet. Large companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon provide these resources so that they can be readily and cheaply available to people. Most of the cloud services provide support for communication, data storage, data analysis, data processing, project management, and scheduling. Cloud services will be very easy for the staff and executives of SNPO-MC to use since they are readily accessible to workstations, tablets, smartphones and laptops via the Internet. Despite the numerous advantages of the cloud, security is a primary concern especially on the public cloud where unauthorized access of organizations data can compromise the operations of an organization and bring a lot of losses.
SNPO-MC should verify before entering into an agreement with the cloud vendor that it complies with standards from Federal Information Processing (FIPS) and NIST Special Publications (SP). The standards include:
A chief IT manager shall be appointed and will be responsible for all cloud service negotiations with cloud vendors. The IT manager will overview the implementation of all security policies that involve both the general staff and the executive. The IT manager in consultancy with the company lawyer will monitor compliance with SNPO-MC cloud policies with the required government standards. No individual department or manager in SNPO-MC shall be allowed to procure cloud services for the daily operations of the organization.
Data and information stored in the cloud databases are owned by the creator of the data. In this case SNPO-MC organization. The cloud provider shall not in any case alter, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cloud Computing Security Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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