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The company providing the hosting services may be hesitant to give SSH access due to their reasons. For instance, if they are supporting a…
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System Access
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System Access System Access The retention of a social website on an agency’s server may have implications for the accessibility of the site by the end users. The company providing the hosting services may be hesitant to give SSH access due to their reasons. For instance, if they are supporting a configuration it could be preferable to make adjustments than let their clients try to do it themselves. This can negatively affect the accessibility of the end user of the website.
To guarantee access to the end users, the project manager needs to take certain precautions. First, he should request the agency for a full backup of the data from the server. It should include database dump if applicable. Having a backup will ensure that the end users have certainty in accessing data anytime even when the agency server refuses to give permission for access or when their server fails. If the company providing hosting services refuses to grant access to data to the firm or the end users of the website, the project manager should opt to review the agreement or cancel it as soon as he can.
Lastly, it is important for the project manager to have access to the control panel. It is also appropriate to configure the website manually without the use of a control panel. It can guarantee better performance and security because it can allow for customization at a lower level (Ahmed & Boutaba, 2014). If the project manager gets the rights to configure the server, he may know what is running and why the applications are running. Therefore, the end users of the social media website can have an assurance about the accessibility of the social media site.
Ahmed, R., & Boutaba, R. (2014). Collaborative Web Hosting. Dordrecht: Springer. Read More
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