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Network Management: Team Project Phase 2 - Assignment Example

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The TwoHands Corporation has been in the business of developing, producing, and marketing specialized gloves used in waste disposal and other safety-related applications. It also embodies a research laboratory which develops the gloves’ designs and coatings, warehouses and…
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Network Management: Team Project Phase 2
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Download file to see previous pages This has been carried out both in the headquarters, the research laboratory and in the branches. Each information system used was supported by isolated computers which were later turned into servers for personal computers used by the employees through a connection of the LAN. Most of the corporations’ activities were done through backward means and has not favored them when compared to their competitors. Before the internet was integrated into its operations, its factory had a single computer which managed all the information about the factory likewise to the warehouses. The research lab had a single LAN which connected the computing server to each scientist’s personal computer. Most of these operations were remote and had not kept in touch with the growth in information technology. Once the corporation came to this realization, of the effective use of the internet and information technologies, it has been faced with a lot of challenges and problems that have needed the key services of information technologist. Among these challenges included:
The need for using a web server to advertise their products in order to bring in more orders. More customers preferred the use of websites in issuing orders rather than making phone calls or sending mails.
The corporations current composition consists of a series of servers and personal computers connected to the internet. These are present at the headquarters, the research laboratory, the corporation’s factories, the warehouses and the branches. It consists of a web Farm at its headquarters that hosts the web server; the email server; the FTP server and other relevant and needed web services. At the headquarters, it also has are a series of departments LAN’s each with a database server. Through these database servers, the corporation is able to carry out all its operation, integrated with each other; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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