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Every industry has a comprehensive set of legal regulations that dictate most of the significant activities, especially because of the entrepreneurial statures. In computer and high tech industry, the overall patent law administrates the cogency and contravention of charters and…
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Computer H
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Download file to see previous pages The statutes and charters in these industries do not distinguish the variations in such technologies. This advocates for the frequent lawsuits between companies and transnational organizations. Moreover, the patent laws in the industry emphasis on flexibility due to the vast growth and development of new technologies (Jordan, 2012). Competition is always a significant element in all industries but in computer technology production sharing ideas on areas such as graphic user interface and operating systems is not a major issue because novelty and innovation are the key determinants of success in such an industry. Relatively, the flexibility aspect of the patent laws and system in general only give protection on a neutral perspective hence making it easy for a company such as Apple to sue Samsung (Grandoni, 2013).
Due to the constant lawsuit in the last decade, some of the recent advancements in the computer industry entailed the expansion of a wide scope of the patent laws in different technologies. A good example is on software development where firms like Apple, Microsoft or even Google have no idea on the patents they overstep because they operate at an international level (Goldman, 2012). The patent laws in the United States might not be the same in places like India or Japan. Currently, statistics show that software patents are in hundreds of thousands especially with over 30,000 new ones developed in 2014 alone. With such as wide scope, most of the infringement companies involve in is usually unintentional (Jordan, 2012).
Additionally, the multi-billion dollar companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft have their own patents based on their products; not software development. This patents or charters act as a threat towards their competitors and it is the duty of all these companies to know the regulations/ patents set by competing rivals in the industry or else it can lead to lawsuits (Megan, 2012). For instance, Yahoo has around a thousand patents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer H Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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