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It observes that it enhances access controls to the data of the Association. It restricts unauthorized persons from gaining access to the organization’s premises and illegally access information that…
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Peer review: Threats to Data Security as presented by Amy Insert Insert One of my mates posts centered on physical security in an organization. It observes that it enhances access controls to the data of the Association. It restricts unauthorized persons from gaining access to the organization’s premises and illegally access information that is key to the company. It includes involving the staff in understanding policies surrounding accessibility control. The staff is advised to identify strange individuals and report them to the security.
Computer systems especially the servers, routers, switches and patch panels should be securely locked in equipment cabinets (Erbschloe, 2005). In such an area, access to such gadgets can easily be monitored. The control not only restricts accessibility to the premises but also data, information and information systems. When such individuals gain access, they may alter network and system settings that may weaken the security system of the organization.
Other physical threats not mentioned include direct break in by thugs. In such a case, we require CCTV cameras installed and warning systems to alert the security. The text did not also include the use of biometric systems for authentication to server rooms and rooms containing networking equipment’s (Special issue on trust in cyber, physical and social computer computing’, 2013). For example, authorized persons can have their fingerprints taken so that when they enter such rooms, they only use their fingers as a passkey. In addition, visitors need to be given badges, escorts for them and control entrance for such individuals. Further, it is wise to secure workstations with locks. Although Laptops can have locks, it is important to set alarm systems to restrict unauthorized persons from touching them.
Printed documents that are the waste should be shredded to avoid their use elsewhere. It also means that information that is in the paper especially that which is very sensitive to the organization needs securing in cabinets using locks. Only authorized personnel should have accessibility to this section.
Erbschloe, M. (2005). Physical security for IT. Amsterdam: Elsevier Digital Press.
Special issue on trust in cyber, physical and social computing. (2013). Computers & Security, 34, III. Doi: 10.1016/s0167-4048(13)00044-8. Read More
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