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Businness Continuity Plan - Assignment Example

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There can be many expected or unexpected threats or difficulties faced by the manager of an organization which have to be dealt with in order to run business smoothly…
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Businness Continuity Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The managerial strategy is shaped according to the internal environment of the organization. In the modern era, every business organization performs in a dynamic environment where the external factors are constantly changing and unpredictable. The primary goal of all companies is to achieve their set goals and objectives, and all strategies pertaining to this attainment is subjected to situations both internal and external to the organization. The external factors include political and economic conditions of the country along with customers, competition and technology. The concerned print shop is connected to the internet by satellite link. In this case, the external threats can be in the form of viruses or worms that are generally spread through the internet. Internal threats may occur when an employee steals any information. In many cases external threats may happen due to internal factors. For instance, if an employee, knowingly or unknowingly passes on business information in social media sites then any foreign entity can send an innocent looking email to employee’s profile which if the employee opens can infect the entire system and compromise the shop’s network (Cole, 2012, p.88). Therefore, the need is to keep track of all kinds of threats and adopt protection accordingly.
It is important for any manager to identify risks of the concerned business and take practical steps not only for daily activities but also for the future of the company. Managing risks can become extremely difficult if the manager does not take into confidence the owner of the shop. As a manager it is my duty to remind the owner the significance of an effective risk management tool. Communication is another important aspect of risk management. Therefore, my principle focus is on communication to the employees about the current events that can affect the smooth operation of the shop. It is not possible for a manager to work along without ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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