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The aim of the paper “Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan” is to provide the plan for disaster recovery and business continuity of ABC Company. BC & DR plan development work offers a great opportunity for a restructuring of management…
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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Background Presently, in a world where globalization is of utmost importance, businesses are dependent on the domestic and international markets for their product line support. Business dependency on their supply chain is very critical and any disruptions could make a big impact. With the ever-changing weather, calamities, the global warming, terrorist attacks, human errors, utility failure, etc., the occurrence of business disruptions can happen with or without warning. Business disruption could also be the result of natural catastrophes like flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados etc. Moreover, the need for effective business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan is driven by regulatory requirements, customer demands, new business practices and changes in technology. It is very important to maintain customer confidence as well as a competitive edge in these days of uncertainty. It is also necessary for companies to guarantee customers that their business is up to the task and running and it will not cause them to fail to produce and deliver products to their end customers in the event of a crisis. In this global world, vendor continuity management has become a vital part of business continuity. II. Introduction – ABC Company ABC has achieved worldwide status as a major supplier to electronics companies throughout the world. As a consequence, many companies depend upon ABC for their supplies. It is ABC’ responsibility to take this dependency very seriously and plan for situations which could impair ABC’ ability under adverse conditions to respond to our customers. As part of ABC’ responsibility to avoid an adverse condition, pro-active steps are taken, such as maintaining good housekeeping, non-overloading and periodic measuring of electric power circuits and periodic maintenance of sprinkler systems, etc. Preventive steps are a cornerstone to prevent self-induced hazardous conditions that can result in a disaster. However, there may be situations that are beyond the control of ABC, such as flooding due to hurricanes or other events of nature. Regardless of the cause, it is imperative that lost production be recovered as quickly as possible to minimize customer difficulties. Therefore, our actions for recovery should also include timely communication to our customers to apprise them the expected delivery situation and what is to be expected in the future. III. Methodology Overview Any business continuity and disaster recovery plan is made using a certain framework or methodology that makes that whole process systematic and easy to create and then implement. Depending on the type of company, as well as the field of business, each BC & DR plan relies on a good methodology to ensure success. In the case of ABC Company, a methodology is adopted to ensure the management of crisis when it happens. It enables those involved in the plan to follow a smooth flow of action in case of an event that can hinder the usual flow of business. It also provides the actions that need to be taken when such an event occurs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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