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Since there is no single format compatible with every browser, the tags find some usefulness in providing some level of assistance. Their display is for the browsers not supporting the element. Audio controls like…
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CIS 273 7,8,9 questions
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CIS 273 Assignment Question One: Audio and HTML5 A) HTML5 supports several audio formats. Since there is no single format compatiblewith every browser, the tags find some usefulness in providing some level of assistance. Their display is for the browsers not supporting the element. Audio controls like volume, pause and play are an addition to the controls attribute. A second solution will be the use of the element since it is more dynamic in terms of parameters and control attributes. The tags are B) A preferable solution to the problem will be the use of the tags. I choose it because of its ability to display multiple media sources of elements such as and . Events, properties and methods for the element are a definition of the document object model (DOM) by HTML5.
C) For the case of the muted audio file, predictable problem would be a missing plugin solved through manual installation or the code on the web page works only with a specific browser such as Internet Explorer.
Question Two: Audio application in action
A) For audio file compatibility on the website, the audio elements implementation is by specifying the audio file formats. An example code is:
  If the browser does not recognize the MPEG format, it will move on to the next one it can function with comfortably.
B) Taking a travel site as an example, the element in HTML5 comes with several attributes. The control attribute adds controls like volume, pause, and play the audio files will be of significance when it comes to passing information and communication to tourists. The src attribute is a specification of the audio file’s URL. The autoplay attribute is a specification of playing the audio file automatically as soon as it is ready; after loading. The src attribute ensures the audio file is readily accessible, and the autoplay attribute saves time to play an audio file manually.
Question Three: Visual effects and mobile websites
A) The IE settings for shadow filter are not a match to other proprietary properties, and this is why even after the addition of the filter failure is an outcome. A solution to this is will be fiddling with the filter value settings until you find a matching solution.
B) There is more freedom on mobile browsers than desktop browsers, and when it comes to mobile websites, an advantage is from the HTML5 and CSS3 support. The WebKit engine gives support to the latter hence the graphical elements still remain intact and in place; no elimination.
Question Four: Applying skills learned
A) The travel website in reference makes use of external script files by the use of the element and the use of conditional comments inside the document to validate usage for Internet Explorer 9. The head section contains the title that loads a display on the browser for the user with links to external script files.
B) When assessing my knowledge and growth, links are important for flexibility on a web page such that you only have to draw reference to a script file instead of just re-coding on each page.
C) A recommendation for the improvement of the source code is also making an external reference to the CSS files as for the case of the javascript files, for code readability.
Question Five: Validating your work
A) Attribute minimization applies to using an attribute’s name without an attribute value. Validation with minimization mostly creates a string error when drawing reference to a variable in the case of code inheritance. The validation solution of such an instance is using an attribute name similar to the attribute value for the case of forms.
B) An important difference validation brings its debugging tool, professionalism, and a learning tool. The debugging tool is useful for error recognition in your code since it will lead you to the code instance for a solution.
Question Six: Understanding Validation
A) When it comes to a business activity such as a school, to an XML validator, the error messages are easy to read. When it comes to file creation or manipulation of the read/write files for report filing, the only optional necessity is the request for missing files.
B) Two ways of validating a file without the use of online validating tools will be the use of Perl 5 script files and a parser called lq-nsgmls written in c++ language. The installation of the programs will create an environment for file validation with reference to the file extension name.
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CIS 273 7,8,9 Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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