The Roles of Computer Science Corporation in Homeland Security - Assignment Example

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The paper "The Roles of Computer Science Corporation in Homeland Security" is focused on the peculiarities of the business led by CSC. Reportedly, Computer Science Corporation is a private firm that provides information technology services as well as professional services…
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The Roles of Computer Science Corporation in Homeland Security
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Computer Science Corporation Virginia, USA 12345 11th Feb U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 205228
Dear Randy Ready
Re: The Roles of Computer Science Corporation in (CSC) Homeland Security
In response to the letter you wrote in regard to the private sector roles in Homeland security. I vindicate the following issues in reference to the above stated Company.
Computer Science Corporation is a private firm that provides information technology (IT) services as well as professional services. Its headquarters are located in Virginia. The role of the Corporation to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has solely been on the provision of information regarding threats to cyber infrastructure. The advancement of the likely threats as well as the trends of emerging cyber threats to the country have in many occasions been availed by the company with the sole purpose of combating these threats. In addition, the corporation is also in partnership with other companies in various ISACs where they share information acquired through various sources.
However, the company has faced numerous challenges. The quality of information received has been one of the major blows. Besides that, there have been legal constraints that have hampered sharing information since in case the information shared is flawed the corporation is likely to be sued. In addition, the shareholders are skeptical in investing in incentives infrastructure that are not geared towards profit making.
The DHS in collaborative effort should help in protecting companies in legal constraints that are related to situations where information availed is realized to be a flawed content. This will motivate various private entities in availing information without hesitation.
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