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The Briton is significantly known for the pioneer of automated theorem proving programming language design and concurrent systems (Plotkin et al., 2000).
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Computing al Affiliation Question a) Robin Milner had a significant influence in computing, born before the Second World War on 13th January 1934. The Briton is significantly known for the pioneer of automated theorem proving programming language design and concurrent systems (Plotkin et al., 2000).
Automated theorem proving concerns the creation of computer programs that explains how a statement becomes the logical consequence of the set statements, and this implies that the conjecture becoming the logical sequence of axioms and hypotheses. These systems have wide usage in different domains, and for instance a mathematician can prove the conjecture that bundles of order two are commutative, from the axioms of the group theory, hence an accountant might develop axioms that define how the company grows and functions. These axioms eventually prove that employees health decrease with age. This example and several other tasks can be done by the ATP system, provided there is a suitable formulation of the problem in these three ways; conjecture, axioms and hypotheses.
David Wheeler, born in 1927, is widely acknowledged as a significant pioneer in computing having invented the relational database model. According to Hey & Pápay 2014, David Wheeler is a British computing pioneer, who made a significant contribution in the construction and programming of the EDSAC computer.  The relational model designed for database management is a model that is founded on the initial order predicate logic, and it is originally developed and presented by David Wheeler. In this model for the database, every data is displayed in the form of tuples, bundled into relations. A database developed in the form of the relational model is the relational database, and the purpose of the relational model is contrived to offer a declarative system for specifying the data and questions. In retrospect, the users directly declare what information the database has and the information they need from the database management system. Subsequently, the software takes care of defining the data structures of storing the information and retrieval system for answering the questions. Currently, a number of relational database use the SQL data description and question language, and these systems employ the engineering approximation that is the relational model.
Henderson 2009, asserts that Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nyagarard are pioneers in computing and are widely acknowledged for the ideas in object oriented programming through their development of the programming languages Simula 1 and Simula 67. Simula refers to simulation programming languages mentioned above developed by the two pioneers mentioned above, and from computing analysts it is a good superset of ALGOL 60. Simula 67 herald newer things such as objects, classes, inheritance and subclasses as well as subtyping being introduced in Simula derivatives. Simula is thought of one of the original object focuses programming language and it was designed to be used for performing simulations and the need for the domain given the framework for a variety of the features of the object focused languages that are in existence currently. Simula is used in an array of applications and most notably VLSI designs and the design protocols algorithms as well as process modeling. In addition, it has found usage in other applications such as typesetting, education and computer graphics, and often its importance is underrated within the computing community, however, C++, Java and C# often reimplement it. Sebesta 2013 claims that Bjarne Stroustrup, the founder of C++ is reported to have claimed that Simula 67 was the greatest influence in the development of C++.
b). LCNT RXVQ DRXX IONA, is the ciphered name for the professorxhircock.
Henderson, H. (2009). Encyclopedia of computer science and technology. New York, NY: Facts On File.
Hey, T., & Pápay, G. (2014). The Computing Universe: A Journey through a Revolution. New York: Cambridge University Press.
Plotkin, G., Stirling, C. P., Tofte, M., & Milner, R. (2000). Proof, language, and interaction: Essays in honour of Robin Milner. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.
Sebesta, R. W. (2013). Concepts of programming languages. Essex: Pearson Education. Read More
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