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The design of SSTP allows it to use a synchronous communication between two programs in a back and forth motion. Working of SSTP between a VPN client and server occurs in multiple steps. First, the…
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U3 Case Study
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U3 Case Study U3 Case Study Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) refers to an application-layer protocol. The design of SSTP allows it to use a synchronous communication between two programs in a back and forth motion. Working of SSTP between a VPN client and server occurs in multiple steps. First, the SSTP client must be in need of an internet connectivity. After verifying the Internet connectivity by the protocol, establishment of a TCP connection to the server on port 443 then follows. SSL negotiation then takes place above the TCP, which is already established. Validation of the server certificate then happens. The connection is established if the certificate is valid; otherwise, the connection shuts down. The client then sends HTTPS request to the server.
In the next step, the client sends SSTP control packets that are within the HTTPS session. The process establishes SSTP state machine for control purposes on both sides, which then initiate PPP layer communication (Minasi, 2010). At both the ends, PPP negotiation takes place by use of SSTP over HTTPS. The client then needs to authenticate the server. The session then binds to IP interface, which is both sides and assigned for a traffic routing.
Breakaway Brothers can reach remote users by using two options. First, they can use a high-speed broadband connection by the use of either DSL or a cable modem. Alternatively, they can use an analog phone line and then connect it to an ISDN or a modem. Either way, the system will enable Breakaway Brothers to have a direct secure connection to the internet, and they can reach remote users.
Minasi, M. (2010). Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2. Indianapolis: Wiley Pub. Read More
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U3 Case Study Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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