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The increasing need calls for advancements on the internet that works on an entirely novel protocol, which is IPv6. IPv6’s design offers…
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It Week8
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Computer Science al affiliation The world has almost become too large for the existing internet, and the advancement of internet devices will quicken the process. The increasing need calls for advancements on the internet that works on an entirely novel protocol, which is IPv6. IPv6’s design offers scalability, which implies that the world will never be out of IP addresses. Everyone can have unlimited numbers of private IP addresses without causing a glitch to the internet. The new protocol also provides significant features such as automatic configuration and enhanced security. All these combined form a novel and enhanced internet. However, the old network, IPv4, cannot be done away with until the transition period is complete (Venkata et al., 2012).
The benefits that IPv6 offers surpass the limitations that IPv4 has. For instance, the new IPv6 makes it possible to have a plethora of IP addresses as opposed to IPv4. The burgeoning protocol has 128 bit addresses as compared to IPv4, which only has 32 bit addresses. The bit addresses that IPv6 uses enable the availability of numerous IP addresses. In addition to this, IPv6 eradicates the need for network address translation (NAT) which is present in IPv4 resulting in better peer-peer networks connectivity. Further, IPv4 presents security issues, which IPv6 eliminates as it promotes interoperability between myriad implementations (Venkata et al., 2012).
Venkata, P., Reddy, P., Mohammed, K., Ali, I., Sandeep, B., & Ravi, T. (2012). Importance and benefits of IPV6 over IPV4 : a study. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 2(12), 1-2.
Data Definition Language (DDL) refers to statements that define the schema or database structure. For instance, CREATE – creates objects, ALTER – alters the database structure, DROP – deletes objects, COMMENT – adds comments to the dictionary of date, and RENAME – Renames database objects. DML refers to Data Manipulation Language, which are simply statements that manage data within schematic objects. For instance, SELECT – helps in retrieving data, UPDATE – updates data already present in a table, and CALL – Calls Java or PL/SQL. Data Control Language (DCL) includes commands such as GRANT. It mostly deals with permissions, rights, and additional controls of the database. SQL Server 2012 relies on the above SQL commands for interaction. Transact-SQL presents as central in sending and receiving communication with the SQL server (Microsoft, 2006).
Microsoft. (2006, October 16). DFS Replication: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Retrieved January 28, 2015 from
Distributed File System (DFS) enables administrators to make a group of shared folders situated on various servers by connecting to each the servers to one or multiple DFS namespaces. Requirements for DFS to work optimally include Domain Name System as well as Active Directory with proper replication, properly configured Active Directory sites, properly working domain controller emulator, domain controllers as well as root servers with active Distributed File System (DFS), computers running on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, or Windows NT 4.0. In addition to that, firewalls on the computers should not block remote procedure call (RPC) needed by DFS and its root server (Microsoft, 2006).
When discussing DFS, people frequently ask about its advantages. DFS has various advantages including improved accessibility and management of resources, remote access to shared folders, fault tolerance due to the ability to replicate shares, and workload management as it allows administrators to distribute workloads and shared folders across various servers for more server resource utilization and efficient network. Although DFS presents many advantages, it also has limitations such as running out of capacity, a restriction that does not arise from physical storage limitations. Instead, the issue revolves around built-in restrictions with Windows and the DFS itself. One of the recurrent troublemakers, for instance, is the 260-character bound in pathnames enforced by Windows APIs. A poorly done DFS implementation can exceed that limit easily, leading to an error message instead of file retrieval (Shapiro, 2008).
Microsoft. (2006, October 16). DFS Replication: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Retrieved January 28, 2015 from
Shapiro, J. R. (2008). Windows Server 2008 Bible. Indianapolis: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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It Week8 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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