Comparison of Closed Mobile Ecosystems with the Open One - Assignment Example

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The author states that the current market share in the United States is on rising where most people are opting to use Open Mobile ecosystem, as they are flexible since they can be used anywhere. The most developers that have lost in the United States market is the Blackberry. …
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Comparison of Closed Mobile Ecosystems with the Open One
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An open mobile ecosystem is one that allows wireless communication to transform through wired networks and other mobile devices. An open mobile ecosystem is advantageous to the users because it is flexible relation to the choice of operators, applications and equipment. For example, mobile networks such as those of tablets, smartphones are built under heavyweight companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple these networks have been held to be closed (Lee, 2013). This is because the ecosystems are tailor-made for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. However, although the two systems are different they share the same sets of innovation, which form the foundation of the mobile ecosystem in relation to applications, services, platforms, and providers. They include powerful and inexpensive, user-programmer and open wireless networks.
A great problem has been experienced in trying to support the closed mobile ecosystem as it is expensive compared to the open mobile ecosystem. For that reason, the mobile companies have opted for an open network for the devices (Asif, 2011).  Read More
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