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Sage 50 accounting, formerly known as Simply Accounting in Canada and Peachtree Accounting in US, is an accounting software product developed and marketed by Sage Group. The Peachtree Accounting software was originally developed by a software publisher founded in 1978. The…
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Sage 50 vs Lawson ERP
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Sage 50 vs. Lawson ERP Sage 50 (Peachtree) Sage 50 accounting, formerly known as Simply Accounting in Canada and PeachtreeAccounting in US, is an accounting software product developed and marketed by Sage Group. The Peachtree Accounting software was originally developed by a software publisher founded in 1978. The acquisition of the Layered, an accounting program developed for using on the Macintosh, benefited the organization to expand its product offerings. Eventually, the Peachtree Accounting software was acquired by the Sage Group in 1998 and this deal involved US$145 million. It is relevant to note that Peachtree Accounting was the first business software developed for microcomputers. As described in its website, the major Sage 50 Apps include Tracker App, Mobile Sales App, Foreign Trade App, and Construction Industry App. The Tracker App provides businesses a secure access to their accounts through the smartphone. The Mobile Sales App assists businessmen to work on the move using tablet. Foreign Trade App is really beneficial to make the work of trading in multiple currencies easier. Similarly, the Construction Industry App provides all the facilities needed to manage industry specific tax (Sage). The Sage 50 Accounting is a comprehensive software capable of managing VAT, sales, expenses, and profits more efficiently. In addition, this accounting software allows businesses to access their accounts remotely using the Sage Drive. The company offers annual pricing as well as monthly pricing options. It charges $269 annually and $29.5 monthly for the subscription of this accounting product (Sage 50 products). The Sage 50 Accounting software does not require any special hardware or software, and therefore it is easy for businesses to implement this software.
Lawson ERP
Lawson is the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software company having strength of over 4,500 customers, 4,000 employees, and offices in more than 40 countries around the globe (Lawson Software). The company has well-expanded operations worldwide, and it offers a wide range of ERP applications and industry-specific solutions to meet the needs of small, medium, and large scale enterprises. The company was acquired by Infor recently, and currently the combined organization is the world’s third largest enterprise software company behind Oracle and SAP (Lawson Software). The two major product offerings of Lawson are branded as S3 and M3. Here, the letter S stands for service and this product (S3) was introduced to “help service industries ‘staff, source, and serve” (Lawson Software). This accounting product’s target industries include healthcare, retail, public, and financial services. In contrast, the M3 product was developed to meet the needs of industries engaged in ‘make, move, or maintain processes’, like manufacturing and distribution companies. In addition, the organization offers a wide variety of unique and industry specific applications including “equipment lifecycle management for construction and mining and teacher contract administration for school districts” (Lawson Software). As the company is able to integrate its product features with Infor’s existing products, the company can provide its clients with extended capabilities. As the Lawson ERP offers a wide range of accounting products and services, its prices are notably varying. It is possible to obtain a free price quote through the company’s website.
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Sage 50 Vs Lawson ERP Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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