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This research paper is going to describe how the internet has simplified the business transactions between the buyer and the company. Also, it will discuss the exchange challenges that are facing. Finally, there will be an end-State Outcomes of e-commerce…
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How the Internet has Simplified the Business Transactions
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This paper is going to describe how the internet has simplified the business transactions between the buyer and the company. Also, it will discuss the exchange challenges that is facing. Finally there will be an end-State Outcomes of e-commerce.
Nowadays the buyer and the seller have a close relationship with the perception of e-commerce. Currently, this is done through the internet where both the buyer and seller are linked on through a broad range of connections marketplaces, exchanges, and transactions. In the today’s technology, the interaction between the buyer and the seller is being narrowed through the use of the internet.
E-commerce has evolved over the past several decades as discussed below in sequence; Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the changing of the business documents in a standard electronic format among business partners through the computer-to-computer.
Online marketplaces are sites such as Amazon and eBay, which facilitates internet retailers to stage products, market, and sell to interested customers that may have been difficult to acquire.
Network Edge provide the supply of advanced business data networks by the means of ADSL, VDSL, SDSL, fiber, and wireless connectivity derived from best of breed wholesale.
Most of the e-commerce tools have been greatly integrated, among them includes Databases, support systems, platforms, utilities.
Both the end-user who engage in the demanding of the products and the factory worker who is tasked by supplying the product don’t have fear of the fundamental of technology that operate by capturing the requirement or the route that the signals transmitting demands follows via the Network Edge
Soon after the buyer will be notified of the what is required has been recognized on the other end by the seller where he creates the product as demanded and delivery at the required destination and immediately payments are processed .Both the end user of the product and the maker of the product are concerned with demand and supply that is properly focused and the qualitative issues of customer satisfaction, responsiveness, and performance.
Exchange Challenges
E-Commerce services may be seen like it faces a list challenge since it is a paperless system, and paperwork documentation has been eliminated. Although creating and maintaining an e-commerce exchange is a complex task because traditional issues of pricing, quality, scheduling, liabilities, warranties, intellectual property, and risk management are all present, but are not visible to the user behind the HTML façade of the Web site. Also there are e-commerce- specific issues, which add complexity to the process of contract formation, which include, Operational—defining the inner connections and functions of the exchange; Terms & Conditions—defining the relationship of the parties; an Transparency—defining the user experience.
End-State Outcomes:
The terrorist attack affected more Compaq customers including federal, state, and local government. There were about 20,000 units of replacement being shipped to the affected customer that cost not less than $30 million dollars. Extensive services resources were deployed to customer sites to service, repair, and replace damaged equipment. Cross-functional teams operated around the clock to manage customer response.
From the above summary it can be deduced how e-commerce has been very important as compared to the traditional method which was not paper-less and also it took a lot of time for a transaction to take place.
Au, K. F., & Ho, D. C. (2002). Electronic commerce and supply chain management: value-adding service for clothing manufacturers. Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 13(4), 247-255. Read More
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