Critical on non-traditional method of requirement gathering - Literature review Example

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This particular piece of research does an acceptable job of explaining how various business modelling techniques can be integrated with an entire enterprise information systems analysis in order to satisfy end user requirements for the gathering of data. By explaining to the…
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Critical review on non-traditional method of requirement gathering
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Critical Review on Non-Traditional Methods of Requirement Gathering This particular piece of research does an acceptable job of explaining how various business modelling techniques can be integrated with an entire enterprise information systems analysis in order to satisfy end user requirements for the gathering of data. By explaining to the reader that the overall business process should be viewed as a set of linked procedures or activities coming together to satisfy a particular objective or goal, the authors demonstrate how this component is critical within the scope of the development of an enterprise information system. While the authors did not replicate previous research, they illustrate the importance of this concept via the issuance of a case study that explores multiple methods that can be utilised when promoting enterprise system development (Shen 2004). This is a critical concept to understand as it is essential to select the correct resources and tools before any given organisation begins the process developing a business model that can be useful to their operations moving forward. To illustrate this, the authors do a highly effective job of discussing each of the significant modelling methods and techniques that the modern day business has to choose from in this regard today. Through the analysis of the case study, this paper further demonstrates that enterprise information systems should not be viewed as a stagnant, but rather as a constantly evolving process that can greatly be impacted by today’s increasingly technological and global business landscape. When this is taken account, the study does demonstrate that such business modelling methods can provide a solid base to build upon in terms of meeting the requirements of further enhancing existing enterprise systems.
Shen, H. (2004). Integration of business modelling methods for enterprise information system analysis and user requirements gathering. Computers in Industry, 54(3), 307-323. Read More
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