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Building an Access Control System - Case Study Example

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The project scope will focus on the building of an Access Control System for the dormitories for a small college. The operations of an Access Control System are aimed at being selective. This feature is meant to restrict access to a place or a particular resource within an institution…
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Building an Access Control System
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Download file to see previous pages Card readers will be utilized in decoding personal information and data when using the system.  The use of smart cards will be implemented in this case scenario. Card readers will be utilized in decoding personal information and data when using the system. The microelectronic access control system allows access based on the permit presented on the cards.
When access is allowed, the door is unlocked for a programmed time frame and the operation is recorded on a database located in another location on a computer. When access is not granted, then the door remains locked and the attempted entrance is recorded onto the system to assist in future auditing. The system is also expected to monitor the door and provides an alarm sound notification in case the door remains open for long after being unlocked or in the event the door is forcefully opened.
The term access control denotes the exercise of limiting access to a building, a property, or a room to accredited persons. Thus, for an access control system, there are a set of policies that are mandatory for configuration onto the system with an expertise and high level trusted the programmer to administrate the system.
This event is expected to involve a read operation on the smart card to acquire entity information. A write operation can be involved after authentication of the read operation on the card to verify the credentials of a given user who wants to access the system at a given time.
This process entails the authentication of cards information and its linkage to a particular user registered on the system. Credentials are essential to be able to trace back transaction and document them on the data storage units allied to the system databases.
The identification process is aimed at verifying that the entities involved with the system are allowed and their identities are bound to them. This can be a PIN number or serial number assigned to them by a system administrator. In this case scenario, the use of smart cards will have barcodes or magnetic codes which aid in information storage about a single user. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Building an Access Control System Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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