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The important requirement for these facilities is that collected information should be securely stored and fully accessible for the beginning…
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Lab Management Software
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Lab Management Software of Lab Management Software INTRODUCTION: From small research labs to huge screening facilities, software are used to operate equipments, gather information and analyze results. The important requirement for these facilities is that collected information should be securely stored and fully accessible for the beginning to years of usage. A Lab Management Software (LMS), sometime also referred to as a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or Laboratory Management System (LMS) is a management system based on software that offers a vrietyof important features that can support operations of a hi-tech laboratories. (Erhabor & Adias, 2012, p. xx)
Key features included in Lab Management software (but not limited to) are workflow, data searching, flexible architecture, efficient data exchange interfaces, and remotely accessible. (Azad, Auer, & Harward, 2012, p. xx)
These features completely "support its use in synchronized environments." These features and uses of Lab Management Software have shown advancement over the years from straightforward sample searching to an ERP tool that administers several features of laboratory processes.
Lab Management Software is dynamic because of the evolving requirements of the modern laboratories. These requirements are evolving rapidly and vary from lab to lab. For this reason definition of LMS eventually depends on the interpretation by the entities or groups involved.
A Laboratory Management System (LMS) is management software that enables us to efficiently manage samples and associated data to develop lab effectiveness. It automates flow of work, integrates equipments, and manages data and associated information. Labs using LMS increase their level of professionalism and their ability to meet up the requirements of customers in two ways. One is LMS helps labs produce precise and reproducible results quicker and more reliably and second is LMS helps lab to evaluate and improve operational efficiency by making data from sequential processes making it easier to store, quicker to track, and assess over time and across experiments.
Most of the modern labs face the intimidating task of trying to manage lab daily based activities as well as huge amount of data.
Some of the most familiar challenges may include; managing with the ongoing and significant increase in the throughput and volume of data associated with processing. Finding scalable methods to arrange and track samples and linked information. Managing connections between samples and linked information from the moment samples enter the lab to when data is processed. Reducing time expense that was spent during manual processing of samples. Storing and reproducing information associated with projects, irrespective of the time when they were conducted. Managing solutions like as Microsoft Excel or in-house developed systems that are easy to use and related to the equipments and protocols necessary to move research and other programs forward.
Some factors that should be considered for LMS; requirements and resources of institution will be a prime concern of lab administrators. Knowledge of the system is also the main concern and actual level of knowledge is also the key factor. As many new systems requires information of computer networks and systems. (Ratliff, 2003) Compatibility of software is also a major issue to consider. As huge volume of data processing is the done security of the system should be considered as main concern. LMS should be simple. The more simple more robust it would be.
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