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The Glass, which a person wears on the face, transforms interaction between human and the smartphones or the computer where it becomes more intimate. The Glass is used as a smartphone in…
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I need a conclusion statement (ppragraph) for Google Glass
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In conclusion, Google Glass is a pure hybrid of a smartphone with more applications. The Glass, which a person wears on the face, transforms interaction between human and the smartphones or the computer where it becomes more intimate. The Glass is used as a smartphone in checking emails, text, receiving news and updates among other mobile applications (Google Glass 45). The Glass is convenient since it does not involve use of hands; images are displayed on a transparent screen in front of the eyes. Google Glass is also mounted with a microphone and a camera, as a result of this, the Glass can be used to document events.
Google glass is a new application, and people are not familiar with its usability. It has applications that are different from those existing in mobile computers such as car navigation system, laptops, and cell phones. The Google Glass software is at the trial stages hence can be considered immature and difficult for people to apply. It is also not practical for the Google to physically train their customers on how to use the gadget. However, there are some programs that can be accessed via internet that can train people on how to use the Glass. The programs are also able to involve people from their convenient places such as their homes and workplace by giving feedback as well as asking questions (Kaufman 77).
The fact that the Google Glass is a new technology, many users fear that their privacy may be jeopardized. Some think that the gadget may be used in monitoring their privacy in their workplace as well as their homes. People using the Glass scare others by making them think that the persons wearing the Glass is secretly taking photos and videos which can be shared to a remote server and be used for other purposes. It is as a result of the breach of privacy that people are barred from using the Glass in places such as casinos and other personal businesses premises. Though the gadget is used in sending and receiving text, e-mails, news updates and photos just like the phones, the Google has to address issues related to privacy.
The fact that the technology is very new in the market, not much has been done to determine its safety on the users. There are reported cases where people without vision problem experience headache and eyestrains after using the glass for a short time. There is also an unknown risk to people with eye problems such as those who had once undergone a Lasik surgery after using the Glass. The use of the Google Glass is also not suitable for children under the age of 13 years. However, its use has helped in delivering clear instructions to people suffering from poor vision.
The price of the Glass is very high because there are very few companies in the market associated with its production (“Why Google Glass costs” 1). However, the price is expected to reduce because other companies such as Android and Hyundai are coming up with more upgraded software’s and applications to counter Google dominance. For Google Company to survive the competition that is likely to emerge, it has to reduce the price of the Glass as well as become friendlier to its customers. It has also to come up with ways of informing the users on how to use the Glass in their daily activities.
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