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Integrating Security and Usability into the Requirements and Design Process - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper under the title "Integrating Security and Usability into the Requirements and Design Process" thoroughly discusses that system usability and security seem not to get along well in various software development contexts. …
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Integrating Security and Usability into the Requirements and Design Process
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Extract of sample "Integrating Security and Usability into the Requirements and Design Process"

Download file to see previous pages The user interface design of the touch screen register has features that enable it to attain security. First, the new system enforces access controls by requiring that every cashier supplies a matching pair of user-id and password in order to log in to the register. It is not only helpful in preventing non-legitimate access to the register, but also provides a good avenue to introduce role-based authentication. Moreover, it will be possible associating a given cashier with a certain workstation, and in certain instances, it is possible associating a cashier with a certain workgroup. Second, the registers ability to lock after four unsuccessful login attempts is a good strategy to suppress the efforts of brute force attackers and malicious insiders who will constantly use trial and error in a bid to gain unauthorized access to the system. Further, the safety of information stored therein is enhanced by the condition that only the managers can use a keycard to unlock the register following unsuccessful login attempts. Finally, unauthorized access is also prevented by the registers ability to lock if the screen does not get touched for a period of three minutes.
The system also features certain security utilities that to some extent collide with the usability. First, the restriction that only the cashier who was authenticated before the system locked will be in a position to unlock it is a feature that prevents the idea of other end-users performing malicious acts on other peoples account profile. Otherwise, new cashiers would need to restart the system. The tool also increases accountability whilst enhancing the systems intention to associate every action with a particular user (Wysocki, 2013).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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