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In Stengart’s case, the Supreme Court and the appellate court disagreed, basing on some legal reasoning. First, the appellate court stood with the argument that the policy followed by the trail court gave permission to an objective reader to come to a conclusion that not…
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Stengart Stengart In Stengart’s case, the Supreme Court and the appellate court disagreed, basing on some legal reasoning. First, the appellate court stood with the argument that the policy followed by the trail court gave permission to an objective reader to come to a conclusion that not all private emails were assets of the company. The supreme court on the other hand determined that Loving Care’s scope of documented policy was not at all clear, an ambiguity that was caused by the failure of the policy to precisely address private emails, the insufficient warning on the emails content, and from the statement in the policy that occasional private use of email is allowed in the company.
2. The above decision will have an impact on the company when planning to form policies concerning personal communication. This will include the fact that the company will find it difficult to regulate and monitor the use of computers in the workplace as the employees would use only part of the policy for their own advantage. The company may also find it hard to enforce policies that would protect the company and at the same time the welfare of the employees (Brandeis & Warren, 2014).
3. Such a state statute that prohibits pornographic, terroristic, and false emailing should not withstand constitutional scrutiny because vices like fraudulent emailing sent to millions of online users slow down the progress of the site and waste a lot of time. Pornography and other unwanted emails on the recipient’s side are not protected by the U.S law.
4. Spam is far much not good. According to Casey, E. 2011, it violates the law because it causes a number of potential issues for the servers that belong to a specified company. Spamming can cause huge problems to the entire company staff and machines that depend on the network in all operations, thus causing a waste in time and money.
Brandeis, L., & Warren, S. (2014). The right to privacy. RL Van Bruggen.
Casey, E. (2011). Digital evidence and computer crime: forensic science, computers and the internet. Academic press. Read More
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Stengart Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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