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They accommodate growing networks and changes brought about by growth such as change in topology or configuration. Dynamic protocols also adapt to failure much better in case of a…
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Unit 1
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Routing Protocols Due What are the advantages of using dynamic routing protocols on a router? When could you use a static route?
Dynamic routing protocols are popular because they favor expansion and adaptation of networks. They accommodate growing networks and changes brought about by growth such as change in topology or configuration. Dynamic protocols also adapt to failure much better in case of a broken path; an alternative route is sought in the network as routers keep communicating with each other (Lammle, 2014).
Static routes are used mostly in the cases of small and simple networks that are not expected to grow significantly. Static routes are configured manually by the administrator which results in better security as compared to dynamic routing protocols (Southwick, Reynolds, Marschke & Marschke, 2011).
Cisco is no longer supporting IGRP in the latest IOS versions. Why not? Was it replaced? If so, why?
Cisco is no longer supporting IGRP because further improvements on the RIP platform were needed thus Enhanced IGRP was developed. IGRP was replaced by the EIGRP protocol. This is because there are fewer IPv4 addresses left, and IGRP assumes all element of a class belong to same subnet while EIGRP uses VLSM to maximize the IPv4 addresses left. Change of algorithm to Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL) used by EIGRP is also a contributing factor to the phasing out of |IGRP (Lammle, 2014).
EIGRP has been called a “hybrid” dynamic routing protocol. Why?
EIGRP takes features of both link-state, and a distance vector protocol thus is a hybrid dynamic routing protocol. EIGRP is event driven and routing information are sent in case of change in network or during startup. This is a link state characteristic. EIGRP also sends routing table information to its immediate neighbors, which is a distance vector characteristic (Donahue, 2011).
What are the advantages of using OSPF over EIGRP?
OSPF has many advantages over EIGRP namely: OSPF is usable on a multi-vendor platform while EIGRP is a CISCO only solution which is limiting. As written by Southwick et al. (2011), SPF supports hierarchical networks while EIGRP is mostly used in flat networks and does not support scalability (p. 167).
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Sebastopol, CA: OReilly Media. Read More
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Unit 1 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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