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While I currently undertake an undergraduate program in Information Management and Technology (IMT), I would like to further my education in…
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Personal statement for college application
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Presented Personal ment for College Application My interest in computer science and information technology traces back to mytime in high school where I excelled in sciences and math. While I currently undertake an undergraduate program in Information Management and Technology (IMT), I would like to further my education in future by undertaking a master’s degree in Information Management. While a bachelor’s degree in IMT gives me the necessary skills to work in the field of IT, I believe a master’s degree in IM will not only further these skills but also prepare me to be a leader in any IT organization. Equally, the program will help me to develop adequate skills to manage information resources within an organization as well as leading in the advancement and implementation of surfacing technologies within such an organization (Hahn & Colleen 231).
One of the main reasons why I wish to study this program at Syracuse University is because of the institution’s innovative facilities in its school of information management. The institution’s facilities are critical to my academic development and as such, I strongly believe Syracuse University has what it takes to enable me achieve my academic goals. I equally believe undertaking my masters program in the same university that I did my undergraduate degree will require little environmental adjustment since I am already accustomed to the institution’s learning environment. I am also aware that Syracuse University has established itself as one of the leading institutions in provision of quality education that enables its alumni to demonstrate sufficient competence in the job market. It is my goal to join this ever-growing community of Syracuse alumni that I believe will add a new dimension to my career.
My main source of finance for my studies will be my parents. Having calculated the total cost of the program and advised my parents on the same, I believe I have the ability to finance my studies with little challenges. I also plan to enroll in the TEACH Grant program that will enable me to raise extra funds to cater for my daily expenses. The program provides grants of up to $4,000 for students pursuing their graduate education as long as they agree to teach in either an elementary or a secondary school whose most of students are from low-income families (Hahn & Colleen 231).
After receiving my degree, I plan to work with an IT organization and help the organization to realize its full potential in relation to provision of IT services such as management of information systems. Management of information systems has become a critical area in the modern organization management and I plan to assist in this area. I equally plan to apply my expertise in this area to develop efficient methods of storing organizational information. In addition to pursuing my career goals, I plan to advance my education and earn a PhD in Management Information Systems. I equally plan to add to the available scholarly literature on information management by publishing scholarly articles on emerging trends in this area.
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