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IT functions - Research Paper Example

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Information computer Technology (IT) outsourcing describes the process or the practice of subcontracting for IT services from outside the organization’s structure. The practice involves outsourcing for all or part of the Information Technology function. Many organizations use…
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IT functions
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Download file to see previous pages Secondly, an organization may outsource all or part of its data storage because it is not willing to purchase, maintain, and manage its data storage system. Therefore, outsourcing is imperative to all organizations regardless of its size. The three most popular Information Technology functions that organizations outsource are Virtualization, Datacenter operations and Disaster recovery.
There are different factors to consider while making an informed decision whether to outsource or not. The factors to consider include Quality, communications, staff morale, agility, ability to hire and retain employees, and resource management ability. Firstly, most organizations decide to outsource Information Technology functions, when there is a shortfall of skilled human resources or skill sets of the current IT employees. In other cases, non-strategic IT or menial tasks are outsourced because they are less costly. Secondly, Outsourcing can lead to unique communication difficulties that comprise not only culture, but also language . Therefore, onshore managers responsible in managing an offshore outsource company relationship should have special training in cultural sensitivities. Thirdly, when organizations outsource all or part of Information Technology, onshore staff morale arises. Therefore, it is critical for IT management team to explain to staff reasons as to why a certain project has to be outsourced and how this matches with other strategic objectives. The more staff comprehends why outsource, the better they appreciate the decisions and assess the reason they stand as long-term workforce. Lastly, it might be difficult to control and manage geographically distributed employees than it is to manage workforce in relative geographic proximity. Therefore, different time zones pose the barrier to project coordination. Another barrier is the inability to have viable face time with employees, something that online collaboration devices, email and instant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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IT Functions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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