Data management in cloud environments - Thesis Proposal Example

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Cloud computing has gained its importance in the present scenario by giving an opportunity to the end users in terms of accessing wide pool of information. However the most vital component which forms the basis of such operations but is often overlooked is database management…
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Data management in cloud environments
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Download file to see previous pages There has been research conducted in this particular field which forms the framework for future research study. However the major reason behind selecting such research topic is that it would help to gain sufficient knowledge regarding multiple ways to store data in cloud environment. This study would even outline the challenges which are witnessed by the data stores and the appropriate ways through which most of such challenges are eliminated from the system. It can be stated that this research study deals with the intricacies which are associated with such data management system. The study would even be supported by some practical examples in order that audience gain insights in terms of internal functioning of cloud computing.
In the past few years the increasing trend of computational power has also overwhelmed the data flow. It can be stated that recent advances that are associated with web technology has enabled users to store content of various sizes which is considered to be data management in cloud environment. There has been a paradigm shift in mechanism of large scale data processing and computing infrastructure. Cloud computing sets forth the provision for such computing infrastructure. This research study would aim at clearly distinguishing the various data management techniques in cloud environment. The main aim of the study can be further subdivided into identifying different data storage engines both SQL as well as noSQL. This study would not only focus on determining different data engines but would even encompass their respective pros and cons, performance issues and scalability between such data management engines. The research problem statement would be – “Identification of different data storage engines in cloud environment and outlining performance and scalability between these data management types.” This problem statement or research question would be addressed throughout the analysis. The major objective of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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