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2: Russian Hackers Lured to the U.S - Case Study Example

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The era of the Internet and the potential and exhibition of Internet related crime has greatly redefined the way in which criminality is punished and the boundaries of geography for where a particular crime was committed; as opposed to where it can be punished are determined…
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Case Study 2: Russian Hackers Lured to the U.S
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Download file to see previous pages However, by much the same token, individual analysts have pointed to a dangerous slippery slope that is currently developing with respect to the way in which prosecution of criminals that are afforded international due process is currently occurring at a rate that appears to erode certain civil liberties that have long been accepted and practice. A particular case that helps to exhibit this dynamic, and one that will be analyzed at length within this brief analysis, is with respect to the way in which agents of the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI) lured to Russian nationals to New York; seemingly as a function of going on a job interview. As these individuals saw this lucrative offer as a potentially beneficial step in the right direction, both of them travel to the United States and attempted to interview for the job in question. As might be expected, the Federal Bureau of investigations, as well as other requisite federal agencies, quickly apprehended them upon their arrival in the United States and charged them with hacking crimes that had been conducted against United States businesses during the late 1990s. Additionally, research into the case illustrates that the United States was also responsible for downloading information concerning their crimes from computers that were physically located within the Russian Federation (Gomes & Bridis, 2001). As a function of this particular analysis, the author will see to answer the question of legal legitimacy and whether or not the FBI violated international or domestic law in the course of this “sting operation”.
Firstly, it should be understood that the Federal Bureau of investigations ultimately treated this particular crime as if it had originated, then directed, and ultimately impacted individuals within the United States. Whereas it is true that it was directed that the United States and ultimately impacting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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