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Practically, almost every international user of internet is under surveillance, according to Mikko Hypponen, a Finnish cyber security expert, columnist and hacker whose main focus is defense of networks from software that is malicious. Recent occurrences such as Edward…
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Discussion on NSA Security
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Essay: NSA Security Discussion NSA Security Discussion Practically, almost every international user of internet is under surveillance, according to Mikko Hypponen, a Finnish cyber security expert, columnist and hacker whose main focus is defense of networks from software that is malicious. Recent occurrences such as Edward Snowden’s leaking of classified US government papers, have brought to the fore as well as highlighted the fact that the US is carrying out a blanket scrutiny on any foreign person whose data goes via an American entity such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Apple etc. irrespective of whether they are suspects of any wrongdoing or not. According to Hypponen, basically, each international internet user is under US surveillance.
Hypponen is worried about our future communication and data which he fears will be stored in the US data center in Utah; the world’s largest. Hypponen laments how the US government is infringing on individual privacy and making everything insecure by infiltrating standardization bodies to purposely sabotage encryption algorithms. The NSA by use of PRISM which is a particular NSA database and an aspect of the entire NSA surveillance endeavor, details collection program for data collection from various service providers. Thus clearly, the world is no longer a safe place to communicate freely and the US has completely infiltrated people’s privacy under the guise of fighting terrorism. Although the US is legally obligated to monitor foreigners as well as foreigners’ data connections when they end up or pass through United States, you realize that 96% of people in the planet are foreigners. This means that almost virtually everybody is being watched by the US. This is not only morally wrong, but also rude and should make everybody angry. Hypponen proposes that the world unite together through either political pressure or by seeking alternative services, so as to build together open, free as well as secure systems.
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