Cloud Technology and Virtualization - Assignment Example

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Sometimes, it is simply referred as ‘the cloud’. It is type o computing which totally relies on sharing computer resources instead of having personal…
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Cloud Technology and Virtualization
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Download file to see previous pages In the business world, cloud computing has initiated to gain a huge mass appeals as it enables secure sharing and processing of computer resources over virtual networks. Corporate Data Centres operates through the internet for real time sharing of information and application among all the nodes of the business placed at different location all over the word.
Nowadays the cloud based computer services became so much distributive in nature that many organizations are finding difficulties in using the applications and the technological infrastructure components without it.
Instead of using the pre-cloud and traditional practices, the cloud network enabled huge reduction in capital cost and much more efficiency in flexibility of the business. The cloud technologies have huge impact over the corporate data centres.
The Research manager of Global Cloud Computing, Agatha Poon said that the backup and recovery plan for the pre-cloud environment was not at the top of the priority list and that resulted in huge amount of cost utilization for management of those resources.
Poon added that with the help of ‘cloud aware’ hardware deployment of the energy can be managed with much less cost and the organization can have quicker service solutions and energy consumption can be as per their demand. The elasticity of the cloud services enabled much higher utilization of the server.
Moreover, there are provision that the companies can make zero investments for storage and server services. The overall efficiency of the organization can be increased with collaborate working in a cloud services.
Cloud computing also resulted as an added benefit for the community of application development. It provided freedom maintain hardware systems. The cloud developers also say that it is perceived as a large cost saving application.
Another major component of the cloud computing system is the Data Security. According to the experts cloud computing provides a stronger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cloud Technology and Virtualization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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