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This device uses a combination of computer key strokes to execute a certain command. UNIX text editor does not allow the user to incorporate interactive fonts and graphics into user file…
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Working with UNIX Text Editors
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Working with UNIX Text Editors Working with UNIX Text Editors UNIX text editor is a visual command editor that is found in almost every UNIX systems. This device uses a combination of computer key strokes to execute a certain command. UNIX text editor does not allow the user to incorporate interactive fonts and graphics into user file. Some of the key features of the VI editor include commanding and writing modes. The command mode operates when the user pres the escape button, this allow navigation of cursor across the entire file. The command mode also includes both the dd and the X keys. When the dd key has been pressed it command the system to erase the entire materials within a line while on the contrary, the X erases each character at a time. The writer mode allows the operator to enter the text on the system, the write mode uses the lower case letters, and this is because the visual editor is more sensitive to lower case letters (Peek, Peek, Robbins, Lamb, Rosenblatt & Dougherty, 2000).
1. Explain how to access VI and create new documents, or open an existing document
Two ways might be used to create or open the file using the Visual text editor (VI). Some of those ways include; typing the word VI on the computer command space and saving the file using the most appropriate name that one has chosen. The file might be open by tying the VI and the name that one used to save the document. The second way of creating and accessing the document is by typing the name VI, this is accompanies by the file name. For example, if one wants to create or open a file named as Joe, one may type vi/home/Joe to access that particular file (Peek, Peek, Robbins, Lamb, Rosenblatt & Dougherty, 2000).
2. Outline the common navigations commands used with VI
Some of the common navigation commands utilized by VI include but not limited to; b, 1, j, k, (,), W, 1G, W, U, B, F and D. The command implies that one should move left, while 1 means that there should move one character on the right, the character J means one line downward movement while k implies one line upward movement. The command, (, means the beginning of the sentence while,), means the quell of a sentence. The command w means a word should be written. On the other hand, the command, Ctrl>U make the screen to move the screen halfway while command B moves the entire screen upwards. Command F moves the screen downwards and finally command D makes the screen to move halfway (Sco Group, Inc, 2005).
3. Discuss the VI modes of operations
The VI has three modes of operation namely; input, command and line operation modes. The input mode is used for entering a text into a given file. This mode requires the user to type the word VI into the command prompt. The command mode helps to make interpretation on the material that have been typed on the command file. The command mode is launched by pressing the escape button (ESC). The line operation mode allows the cursor to navigate to the next line; it may be launched by typing colon or a back slash on the command space (Peek, Peek, Robbins, Lamb, Rosenblatt & Dougherty, 2000).
4. Discuss the benefits of using a command based editor
Unlike Microsoft word document, the command editor has the ability of handling large and numerous files. Command based editor allows the user to execute complex operations and allow manipulation of data to meet the user’s needs. In addition, it minimizes time wastage because of its higher speed. It also gives the user a chance to have control of the system as compared to GUI (McElhearn, 2005).
McElhearn, K. (2005). The MAC OS X command line: UNIX under the hood. San Francisco: Sybex.
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Working With UNIX Text Editors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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