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Denial of Services (DoS) is one similar threat posed to the networking infrastructure. It can virtually destroy in the entire network and halt the activities.
Denial of…
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Network monitoring and analysis
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LAN and other remotely established networks are prone to different kinds of internal and external threats. Denial of Services (DoS) is one similar threat posed to the networking infrastructure. It can virtually destroy in the entire network and halt the activities.
Denial of Service is a malicious online activity that may be performed in number of ways. One very commonly pattern is that of flooding the network. The flooding can come along in the form of targeting the I.P addresses from external sources. Globally Denial of Service makes up for one of the most commonly used method of interpreting and disturbing the already established network transmission and communication (Das & Gulati, 2004¸p. 214).
Indiscriminate requests for entry into the network at such a rate that the servers fail to respond in a timely manner leading to congestion formation is one of the characteristic features of Denial of Service action. Tear Dropping and peer to peer attacks are commonly known actions and activities that are entailed in the domain of DoS attacks on the networks.
Different actions may be undertaken as counter measures against DoS. The installation of an effective firewall is one possible solution against this menace. Firewall allows sequential entry of traffic and requests and subsequently prevents the system from overflow and flooding of requests.
Other possible options of security include techniques such as Black holding, or simply use of switches as an alternate. The technique of Internet Based Prevention System is also an option against the DoS activity which allows running a smooth operational activity.
Das, G., & Gulati, V. (2004). ntelligent Information Technology: 7th International Conference on Information Technology, CIT. Hyderabad: Springer Science & Business Media Read More
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Network Monitoring and Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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