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High Level business architecture - Research Paper Example

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Whenever a business designs a new product or service, the business case and the objectives of such an idea are defined forthright and detailed further with the use of business as well as other functional requirements. Business requirements specification therefore takes two…
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Download file to see previous pages Precisely, high level business needs describe what should be done by a system or any other business solution. For the case of Adopt-A-Farm, it is clear that the company needs to have an online system for collecting their customer and partner views about their experiences in volunteer harvesting and as well list the stories and other help facilities for users of the system. The high level business requirements could therefore be seen as an indication of the reasons as to why a business undertakes an activity (Ross & Robertson, 2006). The requirements are documented as below;
The objectives of the high level business requirements for Adopt-A-Farm are to come up with an online system which will increase user participation in the campaign on local farming and purchasing of food products as well as user participation in creation of awareness. It also focuses on having a system for direct user participation in forums and also in commenting about the advantages of local farming. The system should also reach as many people as possible around the globe for the sole reason of creating awareness across nations.
The project focuses on listing the stories shared by users about their experiences with consumption of local products in the blog section. From this, users will have a wide variety of content to refer from to gain the taste and to understand the importance of consuming local products and thereafter participating in the campaign with an aim to carb the global warming menace. It also focuses on advising local farmers on the best practices and operations to carry on in their farms which reduce the chances of environmental degradation. Finally, the system will also focus on promoting volunteer harvesting through the creation of a forum for users to comment on their experiences in the exercise. This will be in a bid to encourage people to participate in such exercises whenever they could be having a chance to.
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