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The cars in this movie are not driven by people and are capable of driving in highways and accelerating and decelerating…
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Pop Culture and Technology Assignment
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Pop Culture and Technology Pop Culture and Technology Part The minority report utilizes several different technology concepts and the one I found to be most interesting is the one involving automated driving. The cars in this movie are not driven by people and are capable of driving in highways and accelerating and decelerating automatically (Thrun, 2011). This is concept has been present for several decades despite the fact that this appears to be something from the future. Google is currently utilizing and popularizing the idea of driverless cars and this has in fact been found to be safer than man controlled vehicles (Thrun, 2011).
The technology is fairly simple and involves the in cooperation of lasers, maps and cameras that are sufficient in ensuring that the car remains on the same path and maintains a certain distance from other vehicles and obstacles. The U.S military has also invested in this technology. This technology is also feasible and useful as people who have disability and are at ages where they are unable to operate vehicle can safely commute to different areas.
Part 2
This technology has positive sociological implications as it is likely to help the less competent due to several pathologies or physiological ageing. In addition, it can reduce the number of deaths that occur in military conflicts as they will be no humans in the vehicles.
There are some problems however, that involve the ability of the technology to make immediate decisions in some situation that may require human intuition. This is the main reason why debate still exists on the use of these vehicles today.
Question 2
John Anderton had surgery to replace his eyes. This surgery was to ensure that the retina scanners were incapable of detecting him. He kept his old eyes to ensure that he still had access to the entrance of Precrime (Molen et al., 2002).
Question 3
The minority report is coined after the vision of Agatha and the 2 other precogs. In the movie, Agatha sees the true future all the time and this is usually similar to the vision of the precogs, which sometimes only see the “possible future”. However, when her vision conflicts with the precogs it is labeled a “minority report” (Molen et al., 2002).
Molen, G., Curtis, B., Parkes, W., & Spieberg, S. (2002). Minority Report. Amblin
Entertainment. United States.
Thrun, S. (2011). Google’s driverless car. Ted Talk, Ed. Read More
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Pop Culture and Technology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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