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It is the duty of the security personnel and staff in the White House to make sure that there is a policy in place for the continuity and back up for the operations of the country. The purpose of the policy is to have in place a secure and outlined way of how to handle attacks…
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Business continuity for the White House security staff
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the policy for business continuity for the White House security staff is to make sure that there is plan and order in the way activities are carried in and out of the House in case of an emergency. It is a national preparedness policy which is signed by the president as a presidential policy directive. It states the procedures and processes that have to be followed in the case that the nation needs to know how to handle a certain challenge. Security staff is very important to the safety of the president and important people in the White House and therefore need to make sure that there is a policy for governing and maintaining the business continuity of the government. The scope of the policy is the security personnel’s functions in making sure that normal business functions or events are restored.
The business continuity for the security staff involves different facilities and hardware that go hand in hand. They include the communication systems, the several bunkers in the White House and the special ships and aircrafts. Information or data on these are classified for security reasons and they are used to make sure that the business of the government does not stop regardless of whatever catastrophe that occurs (Daleo, 2009).
In the case that there is an emergency in the White House and the business continuity is affected, a shadow government can be formed in order to deal with the crisis. The security staff will know the procedures to follow in such an event and the President is in charge of establishing and initiating this government. The security personnel or staff fall under the Emergency relocation group and they are trained to support the National Essential Functions of the White House and county in case of an emergency. Their core functions as security agents will include:
Having a Business Continuity Plan is vital for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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