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The author of the present essay "How Malware Infects a Computer" points out that Malware refers to malicious software that is used to disrupt the normal functioning and operations of a computer. The software gathers sensitive information and gains access to private computers…
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How Malware Infects a Computer
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Malware Malware Malware refers to malicious software that is used to disrupt the normal functioning and operations of a computer. The software gathers sensitive information and gains access to private computers (Sikorski & Honig, 2012). Malwares can appear as scripts, codes or active content. Some of the most common malware include computer viruses, spyware, ransomware, scareware and adware. Most of the active malware threats are Trojans and worms (Bayuk, 2010). Some malware may be disguised as genuine software, which is supplied through official company website. Malware may also be supplied as an attractive or useful program. In this case, the malware is used to track and gather statistics and information.
Characteristics of Malware
Malware have the ability to run without being shutdown, detected or deleted. Malware such as Adware has a privacy invasive characteristic. In this case, the malware displays, plays and downloads advertisements automatically. Malware such as Backdoor have secure remote computer access characteristics. In this case, they can circumvent regular authentication processes (Aquilina, Casey & Malin, 2008).
How Malware Infects a Computer
Malware usually infect a computer through executable software. They target a system without the authorization or consent of a user. Running a software or system that is infected by a malware provides opportunities for the malware to spread. A malware needs a user to run an infected system or program in order to facilitate its spread to other executables (Dunham & Abu-Nimeh, 2009). For instance, the Valentine’s Day virus is spread when a user opens an email that has been infected with the virus (Skoudis & Zeltser, 2004). Users are usually compelled to open these emails because they have enticing messages. The aim of the virus was to spread in the computer and capture financial and personal information.
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How Malware Infects a Computer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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