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The Planar Truss System Steel Truss Bridge - Assignment Example

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The reporter of the study declares that enough and relevant information concerning our analysis was gathered by our team which included the truss system’s measurements. We decided to use to utilize one side of the system, which made it two-dimensional. …
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The Planar Truss System Steel Truss Bridge
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Download file to see previous pages In order to estimate the dead weight of the bridge truss system, the steel chamber’s weight had to be evaluated per every unit length and the entire length of the truss. Concrete and gravel make a major component of the bridge and it is mathematically critical to include their weights in the calculations. The total weight of the concrete used in the bridge was 24 Newtons per Cubic meter according to table A1, AS/NZS1170.1;2002. The steel of the bridged was assumed to be 310UB which was 453 Newtons per meter or 42.6 kilograms per meter.
The following are the individual measurements obtained from the structure per every material used that included steel, concrete, and further explores the dead weight and live weight of the bridge truss system.
To evaluate the total weight of the concrete used in the construction of the bridge, we had to first estimate the thickness of the bridge. In our approximation, we established that the thickness of the truss bridge system is 30 meters. This measurement was strictly taken on the concrete. Because we were covering the measurements in two dimensions, we divided the width by 2, which gave us 5.
To get the dead load of the truss system, both the load of the steel and concrete had to be brought together by addition. The load of the concrete is 1764kN and that of steel is 1852.51kN. Therefore, the Dead load of the system is,
In order to get the live load, both the weights of the bridge and that of the freight train had to be combined. There are two railway tracks constructed on the bridge alongside other features. The freight engines that are found in Melbourne are the NR; an abbreviation for the national Rail Class. They have an aggregate mass of about 132 tons. They also have lengths of 22meters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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