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This essay describes the use of cell phones in moving cars has been major cause of accidents in recent times, which calls for urgent measures. As a reputable and responsible company, Futura management has decided to establish policy for cell phones use in moving cars…
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Company policy for safety cell phone use in cars
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The use of cell phones in moving cars has been major cause of accidents in recent times, which calls for urgent measures. As a reputable and responsible company, Futura management has decided to establish policy for cell phones use in moving cars. As you all know, all our sales representatives have been issued with mobile phones to facilitate communication with the company while in the field. Even though the company will provide sales representatives with hands-free devices, safety has been a major concern for the company. It is for this reason that the management created a policy to ensure safety of our drivers as well as other third parties using the road. Based on the policy:
You should avoid using your cell phone held in your hands while driving, especially during dangerous driving conditions such as snow, sleet, rain or ice.
All sales representatives should place their cell phones in easily accessible places in the car to ensure easy and faster reach. You should not shift your eyes and attention from the road while getting your mobile phone.
Every sales representative is expected to be familiar with all the important features of their mobile phones such as making speed dial and voice calls among others in order to ensure efficient and swift use when there is need.
Do not take notes or concentrate on looking at your phone while driving.
Pull over in case you cannot avoid taking the call and turn off your engine or let your voice mail do the receiving if the call is not urgent. This will also be applicable for hands-free devices.
This policy aims at ensuring your safety in the course of duty. Therefore, let us all observe the proposed rules as we use our mobile phones. I hope you all find this information important rather than restricting and support its course. Thank you for your support as we look into a safer future. Read More
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