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Since 2006, it has been growing popular as compared to the other social sites globally. In the mid of July 2006, the number of unique people…
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You Tube
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Extract of sample "You Tube"

Youtube Instruction Youtube began as a social site where parents could upload very low quality videos of their kids in 2005 (Kotler & Armstrong, 2013). Since 2006, it has been growing popular as compared to the other social sites globally. In the mid of July 2006, the number of unique people visiting Youtube depicted a significant increase from 7.3 up to 12.8 million (Omalley 2006). This is because people could access Youtube in almost all the states globally. Hence, making it affecting people lives in diverse ways globally especially in terms of relaying visual information. For instance, it creates a homogenous community among people living in diverse states globally whereby they can share same platform while enjoying similar videos. People have different intentions when posting their videos in Youube. Some post them for entertainment, advertisement whereas others they are merely for discussion or debate besides many other reasons. Portable gadgets characterizing the current technology have in a way helping share much through Youtube. This contributes to its cheapness because one does not need to be in front of a TV or seated in a house so that he or she can watch and listen to a video played by a stationary machine. Hence, it provides an alternative and great way of reaching numerous and different people globally. To shun its misuse, there are set regulations that safeguard the content meant to control what users normally upload in terms of videos and comments such that people do not end up using inappropriate language. Apart from socializing, Youtube has couple of educational channels that fit or benefit all age groups. These channels provide varied learning contents required in each level of education, which is from K-12 to college level besides used as informing tool concerning other none academic sources (Study Mode 2013). Moreover, other channels such as the animal planet provide people with new information that they may need to get.
Youtube is changing the way people consume media. For instance, unlike the other forms of media when an advert is made in the Youtube, it remains there forever in which an interested person can get the information he or she needs. This is contrally to the other forms such as the Televisions and Radios, which only broadcast certain information in a given time, besides which even other media forms post their advertisements in the YouTube. Uploading videos in this platform is free, hence changing the ideas of paying for the advertisements by some media consumers such as musicians, companies, schools and institutions besides other corporates. In Youtube, audience has direct chances of giving out their views on any uploaded video. As a result, users comment on everything uploaded despite how small or big it may appear, hence giving out the areas to improve or change on a certain good or commodity. This has changed different views people held on earlier in which they would just send or take their adverts to a social Media, which hence they did not expect or there was no possible way to get direct response from their clients (Study Mode 2013).
They feature a company that has been growing.
The both bear sections about advertisements.
The number of users is always increasing over time (Omalley, 2006).
Differences between the two articles
During the time when Youtube was coming in to the market in 2006, much concentration was on the new clients while in 2013 the attention diverted to how much the site will earn by the end of the year.
The 2006 article is about YouTube being the fastest growing Website while in the second article focuses on its high expected revenue of approximately $5.6 Billion (Peterson 2013).
To conclude, the YouTube logo used in both articles is quite different in which the first one has many writings contrary to the second article bears the writing “YOUTUBE” only (Omalley, 2006).

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