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Product Survey Project - Case Study Example

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However, with a little research the whole process can be hastened and made easy. The process is normally complicated by several factors that come into play. The factor complicating the process may…
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Product Survey Project
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Download file to see previous pages The chosen hardware should be able to effectively work in harmony with the required software or soft wares to produce optimum results. The software should be capable of handling all the commands and tasks assigned with high quality design deliverance capabilities (Chen, 2006). This is a detailed documentation of acquiring IT products for an architectural firm. The preferred computer manufacturer is Hewlett-Packard.
The 8gb random access memory acts as main memory where application soft wares and programs data are temporarily stored during processing. Architectural design software require high ram value i.e. 8gb high ram value reflects on the computers capability to handle memory demanding software with high graphics requirements
The 750 GB hard disk purpose is storage function, its large volume helps store voluminous information that is vital to the organization and for installing many softwares (Chen, 2006). The 21inch monitor displays the design information relayed to it by the video card in the CPU. A larger monitor translates into a wider display which is a vital aspect in architectural design where detail is an essential element.
The reason for the 3D printer is that is that it provides simulations that are near real and gives client a clear picture of how developed designs are likely to be when projects are executed. .web camera is to facilitate conferencing with different department without necessarily having to convene in single location (Crnkovic & Asklund, 2003). The reason for the scanner is to expedite conversion of adopted architectural design images to soft copies for storage digitally or for further developments. A design graphic card enables relaying of detailed graphics to the monitor from the central processing unit. The reason for the D-link is to facilitate the connections of all the stations in firm.
The external hard disk is for securely storing vital firm information that may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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