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Data Governance Exercise - Coursework Example

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The loss of patients’ names and operational details by nine National Health Service (NHS) trusts in England was indeed a waddle event for the Hackney Primary Care Trust that cropped major consequences on the overall healthcare industry of the UK. The incident imposed major…
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Data Governance Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages It was primitively due to the failure of a disc arrival to an east London healthcare centre controlled by the NHS (BBC News, 2007). In relation to the scenario, NHS has faced a major challenge regarding the maintenance of patient information, which has grounded numbers of threats to the organisation along with its stakeholders including patients. In this regard, it is essential for NHS to adopt an effective set of cryptography system in its healthcare units to protect internal data.
In response to avert the potential risk of losing data, NHS has been proposed to deploy an effective cryptographic algorithm cipher, ‘Red Pike’. Red Pike is one of the most effective ciphers developed by GCHQ, designed for protecting confidential information of the various kinds of organisations (Anderson & Roe, n.d.).
Keeping with the notion of strengthening data security system, the report explores an in-depth understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of Red Pike to protect the internal and operational information of NHS. Moreover, the report also details and evaluates the safety of Red Pike to protect NHS operational information through different theoretical explanations. By the end, the report summarises the competencies of the Red Pike and recommends effective cipher for the organisation to protect internal information from external threats.
The encryption of information and structuring them in accordance with the optimisation variety of the users can be considered as a major strength of Red Pike. The cryptographic characteristics of the cipher is designed with an exceptional form of coding that significantly protects unwanted guests and allows its users to gain the advantage of the cipher. The cryptographic algorithm of characteristics of the classified Red Pike provides major advantage to the users and organisations to analyse faults associated with the data security system. In this context, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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