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From the paper "Adventure of an IT Leader" it is clear that without IT many jobs would be performed manually which is slow and to a greater extent, inaccurate. IT is also important in ensuring high-quality products are produced by an organization. IT gives the business an edge over competitors…
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Adventure of an IT Leader
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2. Why is it often so difficult to assign a quantitative value to the return on IT investment?
This is probably due to the fact that people only invest to stay in business and the fact that these investments have no real return on investment. This makes assigning of quantitative values to ROI on IT investment difficult.
3. Use examples to support or refute the "IT Doesn't Matter" contention.
I disagree with the argument that IT does not matter. The application of IT greatly impacts an organization’s performance in various respects. 
4. Where does your firm fall on the "strategic grid" presented on pp. 77-78?
My firm falls is in the strategic cell. This is because the business relies greatly on IT to do business. Managers greatly rely on IT to make strategic decisions that affect the company and its customers.
5. Can we generalize on the percentages of "competes" versus "qualifiers" applications?
It is difficult to generalize percentages of competes and qualifiers applications since they are two independent applications that are affected by various market forces. Read More
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(Adventure of an IT Leader Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1)
Adventure of an IT Leader Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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