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Starting from the very basics of introduction to the concept of a LAN (Local Area Network) itself the tutorial progresses to define how it evolves into a wireless paradigm and then get named as a Wireless LAN!…
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Net-centric Computing and Information Systems
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A brief description of the tutorial
The tutorial about wireless LAN was comprehensive and interesting. Starting from the very basics of introduction to the concept of a LAN (Local Area Network) itself the tutorial progresses to define how it evolves into a wireless paradigm and then get named as a Wireless LAN! The technology of Wireless LAN is introduced as a comparatively newer technology in the world of networks and is universally recognized as 802.11 (Wi-Fi). The protocol under discussion is said to have increased the connectivity paradigm by manifolds. The usability of the Wireless connectivity protocol is extensive and is therefore referred to as being situated at the ‘edge’ of the internet.
While describing the structural details of the wireless networking protocol the tutorial also significantly addresses the issue of security vulnerability that is associated with the said protocol. Since the protocol is not guided or guarded by wires or fixed connections it is often said to have substantial susceptibility to noise and other unseen deflections. Similarly, the protocol also does not ensure secure data transfer because since it is prone to interferences, then it can also be prone to unauthorized access to private information being passed over it. Another drawback associated with the Wireless LAN protocol is that despite all the technological advancements, the current data transfer rate over it is comparatively significantly lesser than that over the Local Area Network (LAN).
Business Needs Addressed
The Wireless networking protocol 802.11has revolutionized the concept of connectivity among individuals. Thus this has had amazing effects on the corporate world as well. The need of the hour for businesses that involved the need to get network connectivity anytime and at any place within a particular set up without the restriction of physically laden networking wires in the premises have been addressed with the emergence of this protocol. Run time connectivity within business environments is not possible via wi-fi enabled computing devices that can be secured by binding the identity of hardware logged on to the system by pre-registering their MAC addresses.
Evaluation of and Experiences with Tutorial
It was interesting to realize the concept behind the much prevalent wireless internet connectivity that has become so very common the world over. It was an informative and interest capturing tutorial indeed.
A brief description of the tutorial
The tutorial studied addressed the most integral concepts of today’s world: ‘Computer Security’. Ever since the advent of the concept of connecting computing devices over a network the concept of computer security has risen. Any unauthorized access to the computing machines is termed as a security breach and attempts have been made continuously for years in order to secure the computing de vices and to completely eliminate the prospective chances of any security breach. The tutorial skillfully describes the concept of computer security breach and tells how viruses, worms and Trojan horses are a threat to the security of the data and the computing systems themselves. It also gives detailed introduction to how ‘stealing passwords’, ‘ authentication failures’ and ‘social engineering’ are also potential threats to the security of a system.
Business Needs Addressed
It is evident that the tutorial that was under study specifically addressed business needs as data and computer security are the basic and foremost requirements of any business setup.
Evaluation of and Experiences with Tutorial
The tutorial is of a god level and strength as it provides substantial information about computer threats and also glances into their history thus incredibly increasing general knowledge about them.
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