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Technology Social Media Social Apps Music - Assignment Example

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The present assignment "Technology Social Media Social Apps Music" concerns the characteristics of mobile applications. According to the text, Shazam is a popular social music application that caters to the iPhone and Android users to discover music by recognizing the songs are new…
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Technology Social Media Social Apps Music
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Download file to see previous pages MixPod is a music application that lets you create and embed your own playlist on Facebook profile. Music selection can be viewed at the MixPod site where you can choose among a large number of playlist styles. This also requires a MixPod account to set-up, thus you have to create one (
Music Challenge is a very popular music trivia application to have almost 3.4 million monthly users who are active. It is one of the best ways to put your knowledge of music into a challenge. This will let you and the other players answer the trivia of identifying the song based on the audio player (
My Band is another famous music application tool in Facebook that is promotional in nature. It aims to enhance your page in Facebook providing information about gig schedules, mailing lists, music sales and analytics who are listening and sharing your uploaded tunes (
Share Song is a simple yet effective music application that helps you find and share music easily. It allows the users to search, listen and share tracks. If the track exists in Grooveshark database, the users can post it to their profile and share it with their friends (
Tinysong is powered by Grooveshark’s P2P music sharing service which offers the users an enormous library of the song to choose from which can be shared through Twitter. is another famous music application for Twitter users that allows you to connect to your twitter account and let you recreate your page to store your playlists, background, and avatar through an OAuth.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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