The Broader Term E-Business and the Narrower Term E-Commerce - Essay Example

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From the paper "The Broader Term E-Business and the Narrower Term E-Commerce" it is clear that E-business goes far beyond e-commerce. While e-business refers to more of strategic business focus, e-commerce is a division of an overall e-business strategy…
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The Broader Term E-Business and the Narrower Term E-Commerce
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The Internet has changed the way businesses operate today - from conducting business traditionally to managing it through the World Wide Web is undoubtedly a remarkable technological innovation. E-business involves business processes across the extended value chains which travel cavernously into the practices and customs of an enterprise. It creates a strong business environment by connecting imperative business systems directly to customers, facilitating companies to link their internal and external data processing systems more efficiently using intranets, extranets, e-commerce applications and the Web, to work closely with business partners and best satisfy the requirements of their customers. E-business methods assist companies to minimize costs significantly, take customer satisfaction to the highest levels, access new markets, craft added revenue routes and revive business relationships. Dell Computers sets the best example as a pioneering e-business today.
Though there are various differences between e-commerce and e-business the genuine distinction is mirrored in the excellence in the performance of companies implementing them. As more businesses embrace the Internet revolution with rising enthusiasm, it is becoming necessary for businesses to swiftly shape a bay for themselves in cyberspace and better their competition. Read More
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