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Why Egyptian Youths Use Facebook and the Effect of Facebook on Them - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Why Egyptian Youths Use Facebook and the Effect of Facebook on Them" discusses that communication theory has just begun to fully understand the social and personal implications of online social networking sites on communications and individual development.  …
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Why Egyptian Youths Use Facebook and the Effect of Facebook on Them
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Extract of sample "Why Egyptian Youths Use Facebook and the Effect of Facebook on Them"

Download file to see previous pages Truly global in scope and reach Facebook use has recently stirred up controversial in some of the more conservative regions of the world, including many Middle Eastern countries. Egypt, a conservative Presidential Republic, and a flag bearer for Arab around the world has recently been mired in many controversies surrounding the use of Facebook as a tool for social mobilization (The Economist, 2009). Seeking to explain the relatively new phenomenon of online social networking in the Arab context through an analysis of Facebook in Egypt, this proposal will be structured in the following manner. We have commenced an introduction which will provide a brief yet thorough description of the scope of the research proposal. Following this introduction, we turn to an overview of research aims and questions. Why have Egyptian youth turned towards new media like the Facebook social networking site? What are the implications of this shift in modes of communication in the Egyptian context? These questions and many more will be elaborated upon further in this analysis. A compact overview of our research aims and questions will be followed by a brief literature review which will provide a nice introduction to the major communication theories relevant to the topic of Facebook and new forms of social communication in the twenty-first century. Our literature review will be followed by a description of our methodology and questions surrounding measurement and the coding of variables. We conclude with a concise overview of this important project proposal and end with a section detailing our conclusions and recommendations. We now turn to our major research aims and questions as they pertain to Facebook usage in Egypt.
Seeking to understand Facebook usage in Egypt, we propose an exploratory research project which will study how Egyptian youth use online social networking sites, and will also study the effects that this usage may have.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Egyptian Youths Use Facebook and the Effect of Facebook on Them Research Proposal.
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