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Cyber Crime and Information Systems Security: The Concept of Phishing - Research Paper Example

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The goal of this paper is to examine the techniques used in cybercrime as well as to provide an overall definition of information systems security. In order to focus on one crime and in-depth analysis of it, the following pages describe Phishing in details as a crime against the information systems…
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Cyber Crime and Information Systems Security: The Concept of Phishing
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Extract of sample "Cyber Crime and Information Systems Security: The Concept of Phishing"

Download file to see previous pages Users can log in to their banks' website, credit card site, or share markets for any online transactions. No doubt, this provides convenience but it also comes with its own price of managing the security of the transactions. Crimes against Information systems is a growing concern amongst the Cybersecurity experts and Federal Law agencies as this has the potential to bring down a system and operation which otherwise would run smoothly.
These crimes are illegal activities where computers are used as the primary interface. These types of crime have cost and continue to impact the economies of the worlds by many billions of dollars annually. Using the computer as a tool to conduct the crime involves some unethical use of a computer system. Other common security threats identified as computer crime/abuse are as below -
The process of gaining access to a system by faking the identity of a genuine user is called impersonation. This activity necessarily needs either knowing or guessing the genuine user's password. The unauthorized programming instructions are hidden within a real program in a Trojan attack. A logical bomb consists of instructions which are not visible to users getting affected. In this technique, the virus remains dormant until a certain trigger event takes place. For example, date/time trigger, invoking certain applications. In one of the case, a logic bomb was installed in an organization's financial system. The trigger event of deleting an entry from the database invoked the virus which cleaned the database hence generating a huge loss for the victim organization.
Computer viruses & Malware
Computer viruses are fairly common and well known attacking mechanism of a hacker. The usage of the internet by a wide majority of people has resulted in frequent attacks of malware or spyware. Virus, spyware or malware are designed to bring the victim's computer to a halt by infecting the kernel of the operating system. The latest antivirus software is found to be helpless against "always" new variant of these virus attacks. The worst part of virus attack is that it affects anyone using the infected computer even if the user simply inserts his flash drive or diskette. The impact is immediate and often affects any other computer wherever infected flash drive or diskette is used.
Phishing as a study
In order to focus on one crime and in-depth analysis of it, the following pages describe Phishing in details as a crime against the Information Systems.
Phishing is defined as the attempt to steal personal details like user ids, password, and other similar details by posing as the real person/institution in a cyber environment. Communications which seem to be from auction sites, social web pages, internet payments or IT Admins are most commonly used to entice the general users.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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