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Relational Database System Design - Admission/Application Essay Example

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ECT is a project for an organization that deals with the stocking and selling of clothing products. The paper "Relational Database System Design" discusses details about the companies that use the ECT strategy and the challenges, which the organizations face…
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Relational Database System Design
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Extract of sample "Relational Database System Design"

Download file to see previous pages The current system has been facing some challenges with the structure and the design of its database and the relationship of the data items. The immediately noticeable challenge with the database is the use of important database elements, such as primary keys, foreign keys, and the relationships. The tables apparently require normalization. If the database is not normalized, there is a high risk of the data being inconsistent and lacking integrity. The proposed information management system for the ECT project should have the ability to integrate flawlessly into the ECT Relational Database. The ECT Information Management System infrastructure receives the required data through structural query request, using special criteria for data search. The ECT project seeks better ways of rearranging its data elements to avoid replication of information and improve the performance of the Information System. 2. Introduction The strategic plan for ECT is to use the data to serve the customers by supplying the required products, as the customers require them. The descriptions of the products, for example, have to be consistent with the data descriptions. The company places its clients from the onset to concentrate all the important aspects of its business around the interests of its customers. In this strategy, the sales and all the chances of learning for each client are taken care of. This project provides fine details about the company that uses the ECT strategy and the challenges, which, the organization faces. The project recommends strategic opportunities for assisting the organizational structure to provide visionary and intelligent database management. The system development process and its feasibility evaluation are performed in our proposal. The conclusion that can be drawn from this project will lead to the final structure and design of the database.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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