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Information Systems & International Development: - Essay Example

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Information Systems and International Development Lecturer University Date Introduction A fragile state is one that is not stable because of past events in the history of that particular state. The factors that make a state fragile include prolonged wars, for example, the case of Somalia of Eastern Africa…
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Information Systems & International Development:
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"Information Systems & International Development:"

Download file to see previous pages The issues mentioned above in one way or another leads to the breaking or destruction of a state, just as the term fragile means. In technical terms, globalisation is the convergence of information and communication tools through the use of computer enabled means and therefore, communication and access to information is possible from any point in the world. The agency definition f globalisation is a scenario whereby, international and regional societies, markets and even different cultures have been able to interact and share in times of need. As result of globalisation, there has been an increase in exchange of goods and services among different countries and regions in the world. For example, the rate of growth in exchange of goods that are manufactured has increased up to one hundred times in the past fifty years as result of globalisation. Globalisation has also resulted into the ease of transport through the use of airplanes. The use of airplanes has immensely facilitated the transport of both goods and even passenger, which also translates to increased trade. Globalisation has also majorly impacted communication and the access to all types of information at a single instance. Exchange of information has been very fast and easy among people in different regions and also at different levels. Gini coefficient which is the method of measuring the level or value at which the amount of income is distributed among the population of a given state divulges out of the equal and perfect distribution. Graphical representation of the gini co-efficient: Line of Equality Lorenze curve The above graph is a graphical representation of the gini co-efficient. The area represented by “A” is the actual gini co-efficient, which is found by dividing the section marked A by the sum of the areas marked A and B. therefore, the gini co-efficient is found by dividing the area that lies between the line of equality and the Lorenz curve and that of the whole area found within the line of equality. The mathematical formula of finding the gini co-efficient is, therefore, G= A/ A+B. Purchasing power parity is the idea that the rate at which currencies are exchanged between two countries is at equilibrium when the purchasing power of the two countries is equal. This means that the value or prices of goods and services between the involved countries should be equal. Dualism is the totals of income disparity as a result of the difference in the total amount of income in two different types of income receiving units.  In respect to the development theory, the great u-turn means that, an individual absorbs and develops a certain type of culture, from then he is able to repackage it from the knowledge he had before There are a number of reasons as to why IT projects are not successful in less developed regions. Among the many objectives of IT projects may include to enhance computer literacy, to ensure efficient exchange of information, to facilitate trade activities or even to enhance the socio-economic and political aspects of the people’s lives. However, these objectives are sometimes not achieved due to a number of factors that are affecting less developed or rather the fragile states. Firstly, in less developed areas, there is widespread lack of knowledge in IT related activities. The larger population of less developed areas are computer illiterate, and therefore, are unable to participate in effecting these IT projects. Secondly is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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