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Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged to be the future in the information technology. The paper "Artificial Intelligence Techniques Used In Autonomous Cars" presents a detailed analysis of autonomous cars with a particular focus on AI techniques used in the development of these cars…
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Artificial Intelligence Techniques Used In Autonomous Cars
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Download file to see previous pages The robots ultimately take over their creators (Rouse). Physically, a robot contains the same components as humans have. In this scenario, a robot has some kind of motor, a portable physical structure, a power supply, a sensor system and a processing system "brain" that is responsible for controlling all of these components. Fundamentally, robots are human created forms of animal life but actually, they are machines which are intended to replicate human and animal behavior (Harris; Berlin). Artificial Neural Networks According to (Stergiou and Siganos), an artificial neural network is a data processing model that is inspired by the method of biological nervous systems information processing. Neural Network is also a renowned and heavily researched area of the AI. Stergiou & Siganos (2010) described that in the neural network field the working of the human neuron is copied into the computer-based systems. In addition, the neural network is an AI-based computer program which imitates the human nervous systems’ working. It is based on the neural net which has weights on each node that can be adjusted to make suitable decisions. Such systems are typically seen in automatic driving systems that are under-research and at the early stages of development (Stergiou and Siganos; Laudon and Laudon). Autonomous Cars An autonomous car, is also known using a number of other names such as self-driving cars, driverless cars or robot cars. Basically, these cars are designed using artificial intelligence techniques with the purpose of supporting the human transportation facilities which are provided by a traditional car. In view of the fact that it is an autonomous vehicle, hence it can sense its atmosphere and navigate without requiring human interaction. Though, until now these robotic cars are mostly used as demo systems and prototypes, however, it is expected that in the future they will become more common. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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